HPE ProLiant ML150 Gen9 Servers

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HPE ProLiant ML150 Gen9 Server delivers the essential mix of performance, price and expandability to fit the needs ofgrowing budget conscious businesses. Designed as a dual-socket tower server, it is a right size tower with performance and expandability. With expansion options, it allows user to grow as needed with a low initial capital outlay. Covering a wide range of applications and workloads and addressing our users from sophisticated SMB to large enterprise class server environments.

Product features

ProcessorModelCPU frequencyCoresL3 CachePowerQPIDDR4 HzE5-2660v32.6 GHz1025MB105 W9.6 GT/s2133E5-2650v32.3 GHz1025MB105W9.6 GT/s2133E5-2650Lv31.8 GHz1230MB65 W9.6 GT/s2133E5-2640v32.6 GHz820MB90 W8.0 GT/s1866E5-2630v32.4 Ghz820MB85 W8.0 GT/s1866E5-2630Lv31.8 GHz820MB55 W8.0 GT/s1866E5-2609v31.9 GHz615MB85 W6.4 GT/s1600E5-2620v32.4 GHz615MB85 W8.0 GT/s1866E5-2603v31.6 GHz615MB85 W6.4 GT/s1600E5-2660v42.0 GHz1435MB105 W9.6 GT/s2400E5-2650v42.2 GHz1230MB105 W9.6 GT/s2400E5-2650Lv41.7 GHz1435MB65 W9.6 GT/s2400E5-2640v42.4 GHz1025MB90 W8.0 GT/s2133E5-2630v42.2 GHz1025MB85 W8.0 GT/s2133E5-2630Lv41.8 GHz1025MB55 W8.0 GT/s2133E5-2620v42.1 GHz820MB85 W8.0 GT/s2133E5-2609v41.7 GHz820MB85 W6.4 GT/s1866E5-2603v41.7 GHz615MB85 W6.4 GT/s1866E5-2695v42.1 GHz1845MB120 W9.6 GT/s2400E5-2683v42.1 GHz1640MB120 W9.6 GT/s2400E5-2680v42.4 GHz1435MB120 W9.6 GT/s2400
Cache memory15MB (1 x 15MB) level 3 cache (For six-core processors)20MB (1 x 20MB) level 3 cache (For eight-core processors)30MB (1 x 30MB) level 3 cache (For twelve-core processors)25MB (1 x 25MB) level 3 cache (For ten-core processors)35MB (1 x 35MB) level 3 cache (For fourteen-core processors)
ChipsetIntel C610 series chipsetIntel E5-2600v3 processor family
On system management chipsetHPE iLO (Firmware HPE iLO4 2.0) 2GB NAND
MemoryTypeHPE SmartMemoryDDR4 Registered (RDIMM) or Load Reduced (LRDIMM)DIMM slots available16Maximum capacity (LRDIMM)512GB (16 x 32GB LRDIMM @ 2400 MHz)Maximum capacity (RDIMM)512GB (16 x 32GB RDIMM @ 2400 MHz)NOTE: This server does not support mixing LRDIMMs or RDIMMs. Attempting to mix any combination of these DIMMs can cause the server to halt during BIOS installation.
Memory protectionAdvanced ECCOnline spareAdvanced ECC uses single device data correction to detect and correct single and all multibit error that occurs within a single DRAM chipMemory online spare mode detects a rank that is degrading and switches operation to the spare rank
Network controllerBroadcom 5717 dual-port 1Gb
Expansion slotsExpansion Slots #TechnologyBus WidthConnector WidthBus NumberForm FactorNotes7HPE ML Gen9 Dedicated iLO Port Kitx1x1-Dedicate for ML Series-6PCIe 3.0x8x8-Full length/full heightFor processor 15PCIe 3.0x16x16-Full length/full heightFor processor 14PCIe 3.0x8x8-Half length/full heightFor processor 13PCIe 3.0x16x16-Full-height, full-lengthslotFor processor 22PCIe 3.0x8x8-Half length/full heightFor processor 11PCIe 3.0x8x8-Half length/full heightFor processor 2
Storage controllerEntry modelsHPE Dynamic Smart Array B140i ControllerBase modelsHPE Dynamic Smart Array B140i ControllerPerformance modelsHPE H240 FIO Smart Host Bus AdapterNOTE: B140i can’t mix with any standup internal controller
Internal storage devicesOptical driveOptional SATA 9.5 mm DVD-ROM optical driveOptional SATA 9.5 mm DVD RW optical driveNOTE:Optical is optional in entry, base and performance BTO modelsML150 Gen9 Slim ODD enablement kit (P/N: 784603-B21) isrequired for any DVD optionsHard drivesNone ship standardNOTE:Mixing drive cage types is not allowedAll Pre-configured models come populated with hard drive blanks installed. The 4LFF configurations includes 2 blanks and 8SFF includes 6 blanksNHPE SATA is limited to B140i controllerHard drive baysUp to 10 Non-hot plug SATA 3.5 in drives(4) Hot plug LFF SAS/SATA HDD bays; upgradable to (8)(8) Hot plug SFF SAS/SATA HDD bays; upgradable to (16)NOTE:NHPE SATA is limited to B140i controllerNHPE SATA is limited to B140i controllerH240 8LFF/8SFF require 2 cable kit P/N: 784606-B21H240 8LFF/8SFF require 2 cable kit P/N: 784606-B21
Maximum internal storageInternal storageCapacityConfigurationHot Plug LFF SAS80TB8 x 10TBHot Plug LFF SATA80TB8 x 10TBHot Plug SFF SAS32TB16 x 2TBHot Plug SFF SATA32TB16 x 2TBNon-Hot Plug LFF SATA40TB10 x 4TBHot Plug LFF SAS SSD12.8TB8 x 1.6TBHot Plug LFF SATA SSD30.72TB8 x 3.84TBHot Plug SFF SAS SSD30.72TB16 x 1.92TBHot Plug SFF SATA SSD61.44TB16 x 3.84TB
Power supplyHPE 550 W FIO power supplyHPE 900 W AC 240 V dc redundant power supplyNOTE:Each redundant power supply backplane can support up to two (2) power input modules.Non-redundant configurations with a single power input module installed can provide up to 900 W (200 – 240 V ac) and up to 550 W (100 – 127 V ac) of power.Redundant configurations with two power input modules installed can provide up to 800 W (200 – 240 V ac) and up to 550 W (100 –127 V ac) of power.
Rack optionsHPE T/R conv tray universal kit
System fans  Non-redundantRedundant1 P model2 fansNANOTE: Two (2) Non-hot plug, non-redundant fans ship as standard2 P model3 fansNANOTE: Third fan is shipped with 2nd CPU kit. Third fan is only required in 2P configurations
InterfacesVideo1 (Rear)Network RJ-45 (Ethernet)2HPE iLO remote management network port2Gb dedicatedNOTE: Dedicated port for iLO is optionalMicro SD Slot1 (Internal)NOTE: The Micro-SD slot is not a hot-pluggable device. Users should not attempt to plug a Micro-SD card into the Micro-SD slot while the server is poweredUSB 3.05 (2 rear, 1 internal, 2 front)USB 2.03 (2 rear, 1 internal)
UpgradeabilityUpgradeable to 2 processors (36 cores)NOTE: Total 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 coresUp to 16 SFF hard drive bays; Or 10 LFF hard drive baysUp to 16 DIMM slotsRedundant power supplyTower to rack conversionOptional optical drive (Up to 1)NOTE: When populate 10 LFF, not able to install optical drive. Possible configurations: 1) 8LFF+1 ODD + 1 tape drive (Full/half), or 2) 9LFF + 1 ODD, or 3) 9LFF + 1 tape drive (Full/half)
GraphicsIntegrated Matrox G200 video standard1280 x 1024 (32 b/p)1920 x 1200 (16 b/p)
Form factorTower or rack (5U)
Industry standard complianceACPI 2.0b CompliantPCIe 3.0 CompliantPXE supportWOL supportNovell certifiedIPMI 2.0, SMASH CLP, DCMI 1.0 compliantMicrosoft Logo certificationsUSB 3.0 supportSMBIOS 2.7.1ASHRAE A3
SecurityPower-on passwordSetup passwordSerial interface controlPower switch securityAdministrator’s passwordTPM 1.2UEFI
Server managementInsight control HPE Insight Control, lets user deploy, migrate, monitor, remote control, and optimize users IT infrastructure through a single, simple management console. For more information.
Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)/Legacy ROMUEFI is an industry standard that provides better manageability and more secured configuration than the legacy ROM while interacting with users server at boot time UEFI enables numerous new capabilities specific to HPE ProLiant servers such as Secure boot Operating system specific functionality Support for > 2.2 TB (Using GPT) boot drives USB 3.0 stack Embedded UEFI shell Mass configuration deployment tool using REST ful API for iLO 4PXE boot support for IPv6 networks Boot support for option cards that only support a UEFI option ROM Network stack configurations NOTE:For UEFI boot mode, boot environment and OS image installations should be configured properly to support UEFI. UEFI FIO Setting (758959-B22) can be selected to configure the system in legacy mode inthe factory for users HPE ProLiant Gen9 server.
Storage softwareWhether user need to solve a specific data protection, archiving, or storage command and control challenge, or deliver on strategic consolidation, compliance, or continuity initiatives, look no further than HPE storage softwareData protection and recovery softwareData archive and migration softwareStorage Resource Management software (SRM)Data replication softwareStorage device management softwareHPE StoreVirtual VSA
Server utilitiesSmart UpdateHPE Systems Insight Manager (HPE SIM)Scripting Tool Kit and Windows PowerShellRESTful Interface ToolHPE iLO Mobile ApplicationHPE Insight Online
Embedded managementiLO EssentialsiLO Scale-OutiLO Advanced
HPE iLO Essentials is the preferred license for small and medium business that offers full remote server management capabilities for small and medium business VIA the Integrated Remote Console (IRC), virtual media, and e-mail based alertsHPE iLO Scale-Out is the preferred license built for web hosting, cloud service providers, and high performance computing data centers, managing massive scale out environments for the DL 100 and 10 series servers, not available for ML servers This license offers sophisticated scripting tools that provides remote access through Text Console via SSH, Dynamic power capping, Email-based Alerting and proactive notifications. For more information.HPE iLO advanced licenses offer smart remote functionality without compromise,for all HPE ProLiant serversThe license includes the full integrated remoteconsole, virtual Keyboard, Video, and Mouse (KVM), multi-user collaboration,console record and replay, and GUI-based and scripted virtual media and virtualfoldersUser can also activate the enhanced security and power management functionality. To learn more