Storage Area Network (SAN) Storages

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A storage area network (SAN) is a dedicated network of storage devices used to provide a pool of shared storage that multiple computers and servers can access. Storing data in centralized shared storage architecture like SANs allows organisations to manage storage from a collective place and apply consistent policies for security, data protection, and disaster recovery.

Database Management  

SANs provide the high I/O processing speeds and low latency necessary for large enterprise databases in high-speed transactional environments. These databases often contain mission-critical data that require high performance and availability. 

With Fibre Channel technology that can support speeds as high as 128 Gbps, SANs can meet the throughput and latency requirements of enterprise databases. SANs also offer parallel processing and support for RAID and hot-swappable drives for enhanced data management.


SANs are suitable for large-scale high-performance virtualisation deployments that run a wide range of operating systems and applications. A SAN can rapidly transfer multiple I/O streams between virtual machines and virtualisation hosts and provide the scalability and flexibility to support the dynamic nature of a virtual environment.