Cisco OADM EWDM Module

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Product NumberDescription
CWDM-CHASSIS-2=two-slot chassis, 1 Rack Unit
EWDM-MUX8=8-channel MUX/DEMUX module
EWDM-OADM4=Four-channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer (OADM) module
EWDM-OADM2=2-channel OADM module
EWDM-OA=DWDM booster amplifier
CAB-SM-LCSC-1M=LC to SC connector cable, 1 m
CAB-SM-LCSC-5M=LC to SC connector cable, 5 m
GBIC Transceiver Product NumberSFP Transceiver Product NumberDescriptionConnector Color Code
CWDM-GBIC-1470=CWDM-SFP-1470=1000BASE-CWDM, 1470 nmGray
CWDM-GBIC-1490=CWDM-SFP-1490=1000BASE-CWDM, 1490 nmViolet
CWDM-GBIC-1510=CWDM-SFP-1510=1000BASE-CWDM, 1510 nmBlue
CWDM-GBIC-1530=CWDM-SFP-1530=1000BASE-CWDM, 1530 nmGreen
CWDM-GBIC-1550=CWDM-SFP-1550=1000BASE-CWDM, 1550 nmYellow
CWDM-GBIC-1570=CWDM-SFP-1570=1000BASE-CWDM, 1570 nmOrange
CWDM-GBIC-1590=CWDM-SFP-1590=1000BASE-CWDM, 1590 nmRed
CWDM-GBIC-1610=CWDM-SFP-1610=1000BASE-CWDM, 1610 nmBrown
Product NumberDescriptionITU Channel
DWDM-XENPAK-60.61=10GBASE-DWDM 1560.61 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)21
DWDM-XENPAK-59.79=10GBASE-DWDM 1559.79 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)22
DWDM-XENPAK-58.98=10GBASE-DWDM 1558.98 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)23
DWDM-XENPAK-58.17=10GBASE-DWDM 1558.17 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)24
DWDM-XENPAK-56.55=10GBASE-DWDM 1556.55 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)26
DWDM-XENPAK-55.75=10GBASE-DWDM 1555.75 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)27
DWDM-XENPAK-54.94=10GBASE-DWDM 1554.94 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)28
DWDM-XENPAK-54.13=10GBASE-DWDM 1554.13 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)29
DWDM-XENPAK-52.52=10GBASE-DWDM 1552.52 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)31
DWDM-XENPAK-51.72=10GBASE-DWDM 1551.72 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)32
DWDM-XENPAK-50.92=10GBASE-DWDM 1550.92 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)33
DWDM-XENPAK-50.12=10GBASE-DWDM 1550.12 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)34
DWDM-XENPAK-48.51=10GBASE-DWDM 1548.51 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)36
DWDM-XENPAK-47.72=10GBASE-DWDM 1547.72 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)37
DWDM-XENPAK-46.92=10GBASE-DWDM 1546.92 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)38
DWDM-XENPAK-46.12=10GBASE-DWDM 1546.12 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)39
DWDM-XENPAK-44.53=10GBASE-DWDM 1544.53 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)41
DWDM-XENPAK-43.73=10GBASE-DWDM 1543.73 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)42
DWDM-XENPAK-42.94=10GBASE-DWDM 1542.94 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)43
DWDM-XENPAK-42.14=10GBASE-DWDM 1542.14 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)44
DWDM-XENPAK-40.56=10GBASE-DWDM 1540.56 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)46
DWDM-XENPAK-39.77=10GBASE-DWDM 1539.77 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)47
DWDM-XENPAK-38.98=10GBASE-DWDM 1538.98 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)48
DWDM-XENPAK-38.19=10GBASE-DWDM 1538.19 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)49
DWDM-XENPAK-36.61=10GBASE-DWDM 1536.61 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)51
DWDM-XENPAK-35.82=10GBASE-DWDM 1535.82 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)52
DWDM-XENPAK-35.04=10GBASE-DWDM 1535.04 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)53
DWDM-XENPAK-34.25=10GBASE-DWDM 1534.25 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)54
DWDM-XENPAK-32.68=10GBASE-DWDM 1532.68 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)56
DWDM-XENPAK-31.90=10GBASE-DWDM 1531.90 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)57
DWDM-XENPAK-31.12=10GBASE-DWDM 1531.12 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)58
DWDM-XENPAK-30.33=10GBASE-DWDM 1530.33 nm XENPAK (100-GHz ITU grid)59
Product NumberDescriptionITU Channel
DWDM-X2-60.61=10GBASE-DWDM 1560.61 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)21
DWDM-X2-59.79=10GBASE-DWDM 1559.79 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)22
DWDM-X2-58.98=10GBASE-DWDM 1558.98 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)23
DWDM-X2-58.17=10GBASE-DWDM 1558.17 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)24
DWDM-X2-56.55=10GBASE-DWDM 1556.55 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)26
DWDM-X2-55.75=10GBASE-DWDM 1555.75 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)27
DWDM-X2-54.94=10GBASE-DWDM 1554.94 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)28
DWDM-X2-54.13=10GBASE-DWDM 1554.13 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)29
DWDM-X2-52.52=10GBASE-DWDM 1552.52 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)31
DWDM-X2-51.72=10GBASE-DWDM 1551.72 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)32
DWDM-X2-50.92=10GBASE-DWDM 1550.92 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)33
DWDM-X2-50.12=10GBASE-DWDM 1550.12 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)34
DWDM-X2-48.51=10GBASE-DWDM 1548.51 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)36
DWDM-X2-47.72=10GBASE-DWDM 1547.72 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)37
DWDM-X2-46.92=10GBASE-DWDM 1546.92 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)38
DWDM-X2-46.12=10GBASE-DWDM 1546.12 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)39
DWDM-X2-44.53=10GBASE-DWDM 1544.53 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)41
DWDM-X2-43.73=10GBASE-DWDM 1543.73 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)42
DWDM-X2-42.94=10GBASE-DWDM 1542.94 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)43
DWDM-X2-42.14=10GBASE-DWDM 1542.14 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)44
DWDM-X2-40.56=10GBASE-DWDM 1540.56 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)46
DWDM-X2-39.77=10GBASE-DWDM 1539.77 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)47
DWDM-X2-38.98=10GBASE-DWDM 1538.98 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)48
DWDM-X2-38.19=10GBASE-DWDM 1538.19 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)49
DWDM-X2-36.61=10GBASE-DWDM 1536.61 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)51
DWDM-X2-35.82=10GBASE-DWDM 1535.82 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)52
DWDM-X2-35.04=10GBASE-DWDM 1535.04 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)53
DWDM-X2-34.25=10GBASE-DWDM 1534.25 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)54
DWDM-X2-32.68=10GBASE-DWDM 1532.68 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)56
DWDM-X2-31.90=10GBASE-DWDM 1531.90 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)57
DWDM-X2-31.12=10GBASE-DWDM 1531.12 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)58
DWDM-X2-30.33=10GBASE-DWDM 1530.33 nm X2 (100-GHz ITU grid)59
Transceiver Module Product NumberDescriptionITU Channel
DWDM-XFP-60.61=10GBASE-DWDM 1560.61 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)21
DWDM-XFP-59.79=10GBASE-DWDM 1559.79 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)22
DWDM-XFP-58.98=10GBASE-DWDM 1558.98 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)23
DWDM-XFP-58.17=10GBASE-DWDM 1558.17 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)24
DWDM-XFP-56.55=10GBASE-DWDM 1556.55 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)26
DWDM-XFP-55.75=10GBASE-DWDM 1555.75 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)27
DWDM-XFP-54.94=10GBASE-DWDM 1554.94 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)28
DWDM-XFP-54.13=10GBASE-DWDM 1554.13 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)29
DWDM-XFP-52.52=10GBASE-DWDM 1552.52 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)31
DWDM-XFP-51.72=10GBASE-DWDM 1551.72 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)32
DWDM-XFP-50.92=10GBASE-DWDM 1550.92 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)33
DWDM-XFP-50.12=10GBASE-DWDM 1550.12 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)34
DWDM-XFP-48.51=10GBASE-DWDM 1548.51 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)36
DWDM-XFP-47.72=10GBASE-DWDM 1547.72 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)37
DWDM-XFP-46.92=10GBASE-DWDM 1546.92 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)38
DWDM-XFP-46.12=10GBASE-DWDM 1546.12 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)39
DWDM-XFP-44.53=10GBASE-DWDM 1544.53 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)41
DWDM-XFP-43.73=10GBASE-DWDM 1543.73 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)42
DWDM-XFP-42.94=10GBASE-DWDM 1542.94 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)43
DWDM-XFP-42.14=10GBASE-DWDM 1542.14 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)44
DWDM-XFP-40.56=10GBASE-DWDM 1540.56 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)46
DWDM-XFP-39.77=10GBASE-DWDM 1539.77 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)47
DWDM-XFP-38.98=10GBASE-DWDM 1538.98 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)48
DWDM-XFP-38.19=10GBASE-DWDM 1538.19 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)49
DWDM-XFP-36.61=10GBASE-DWDM 1536.61 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)51
DWDM-XFP-35.82=10GBASE-DWDM 1535.82 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)52
DWDM-XFP-35.04=10GBASE-DWDM 1535.04 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)53
DWDM-XFP-34.25=10GBASE-DWDM 1534.25 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)54
DWDM-XFP-32.68=10GBASE-DWDM 1532.68 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)56
DWDM-XFP-31.90=10GBASE-DWDM 1531.90 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)57
DWDM-XFP-31.12=10GBASE-DWDM 1531.12 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)58
DWDM-XFP-30.33=10GBASE-DWDM 1530.33 nm XFP (100-GHz ITU grid)59