HPE ProLiant ML110 Gen9/10 Servers

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HPE ProLiant ML110 Gen9 Server is a 1P/ 4.5U affordable single-socket tower server featuring better performance, expansion, and growth than previous 1P single-socket tower models. Designed to meet small and mid-sized businesses performance compute demands the ML110 Gen9 delivers exceptional value at an affordable price

Product features

Processor (One of the following depending on Model)ModelCPU frequencyCoresL3 CachePowerQPIDDR4 HzE5-1650v33.5 GHz615MB140 W0.0 GT/s2133E5-1603v32.8 GHz410MB140 W0.0 GT/s1866E5-1620v33.5 GHz410MB140 W0.0 GT/s2133E5-2660v42.0 GHz1435MB105 W9.6 GT/s2400E5-2640v42.4 GHz1025MB90 W8.0 GT/s2133E5-2630Lv41.8 GHz1025MB55 W8.0 GT/s2133E5-2623v42.6 GHz410MB85 W8.0 GT/s2133E5-2620v42.1 GHz820MB85 W8.0 GT/s2133E5-2609v41.7 GHz820MB85 W6.4 GT/s1866E5-2603v41.7 GHz615MB85 W6.4 GT/s1866E5-1680v43.4 GHz820MB140 W9.6 GT/s2400E5-1660v43.2 GHz820MB140 W9.6 GT/s2400E5-1620v43.5 GHz410MB140 W0.0 GT/s2400E5-1607v43.1 GHz410MB140 W0.0 GT/s2400E5-1603v42.8 GHz410MB140 W0.0 GT/s2400
Chipset (One of the following depending on model)Intel C610 series chipset Intel E5-2600v4 processor family Intel E5-2600v3 processor family Intel E5-1600v4 processor Intel E5-1600v3 processor family NOTE: This is a 140 W processor which need to be ordered with the ML110 Gen9 System fan upgrade kit – 789654-B21
Server Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)/Legacy ROMUEFI is an industry standard that provides better manageability and more secured configuration than the legacy ROM while interacting with users server at boot time Secure Boot Operating system specific functionality Support for > 2.2TB (Using GPT) boot drives USB 3.0 stack Embedded UEFI shell Mass configuration deployment tool using REST ful API for iLO 4PXE boot support for IPv6 networks Boot support for option cards that only support a UEFI option ROM Network stack configurations NOTE:For UEFI boot mode, boot environment and OS image installations should be configured properly to support UEFIUEFI FIO setting (758959-B22) can be selected to configure the system in legacy mode in the factory for users HPE ProLiant Gen9 Server
Cache memory10MB (1 x 10MB) Level 3 cache115MB (1 x 15MB) Level 3 cache220MB (1 x 20MB) Level 3 cache325MB (1 x 25MB) Level 3 cache430MB (1 x 30MB) Level 3 cache435MB (1 x 35MB) Level 3 cache5NOTE:1. Four-core processors2. Six-core processors3. Eight-core processors4. Ten-core processors5. Fourteen-core processors
On system management chipsetHPE iLO (Firmware HPE iLO4 2.0 or later) with NAND NOTE: Read and learn more
MemoryType: HPE Smart Memory and Standard MemoryHPE SmartMemory DDR4 Registered (RDIMM) or Load Reduced (LRDIMM) DIMM slots available8 (8 DIMM slots per processor, 4 channels per processor, 2 DIMMs per channel)Maximum capacity (LRDIMM) 128GB (8 x 16GB LRDIMM – 2133 MHz)Maximum capacity (RDIMM) 256GB (8 x 32GB RDIMM – 2133 MHz)NOTE: This server does not support mixing LRDIMMs and RDIMMs. Attempting to mix any combination of these DIMMs can cause the server to halt during BIOS installation.
Memory protectionAdvanced ECCOnline spare
Advanced ECC uses single device data correction to detect and correct single and all multibit error that occurs within a single DRAM chipMemory online spare mode detects a rank that is degrading and switches operation to the spare rank
Storage controller (One of the following depending on model)Entry modelsHPE Dynamic Smart Array B140i ControllerBase modelsHPE Dynamic Smart Array B140i ControllerNOTE: B140i can’t mix with any standup internal controller
Network controllerBroadcom 5717C0 Dual-port 1GB
Internal storage devices (One of the following depending on model)Optical DriveOptional SATA 9.5 mm DVD-ROM optical driveOptional SATA 9.5 mm DVD RW optical driveHard DrivesNone ship standardHard Drive BaysUp to 4 Non-hot plug SATA 3.5 in drives4 Hot plug LFF SAS/SATA HDD bays; upgradable to 88 Hot plug SFF SAS/SATA HDD bays; upgradable to 16NOTE:Mixing drive cage types is not allowedThe 4LFF configurations includes 3 blanks and 8SFF includes 7 blanks. Additional hard drive blanks can be ordered using either P/N666986-B21 for the HPE LFF HDD blank kit or P/N 666987-B21 for the HPE SFF HDD blank kitNHPE SATA is limited to B140i controller16SFF is limited to P840 controller
Maximum internal storage (One of the following depending on model)DrivesCapacityConfigurationHot Plug LFF SAS80TB8 x 10TBHot Plug LFF SATA80TB8 x 10TBHot Plug SFF SAS32TB16 x 2TBHot Plug SFF SATA32TB16 x 2TBNon-Hot Plug LFF SATA16TB4 x 4TBHot Plug LFF SATA SSD15.36TB8 x 1.92TBHot Plug SFF SAS SSD6.4TB16 x 400GBHot Plug SFF SATA SSD30.72TB16 x 1.92TB
Power supplyHPE 350 W ATX-Gen9 power supply FIO kitHPE 550 W ATX-Gen9 power supply kitHPE 750 W CS gold hot plug power supply kit
Expansion slotsExpansion Slots #TechnologyBus WidthConnector WidthBus NumberForm FactorNotes5PCIe 3.0x8x8-Full-height, half length slotFor Processor 14PCIe 3.0x4x4-Full-height, half length slotFor Processor 13PCIe 3.0x8x8-Full-height, half length slotFor Processor 12PCIe 3.0x4x4-Full-height, half length slotFor Processor 11PCIe 3.0x16x16-Full-height, ¾ length (up to 9.5 in) slotFor Processor 16HPE ML Gen9 Dedicated iLO port kit-x1-Dedicate for ML series-NOTE:Bus number – Default bus assignment (In decimal). Inserting cards with PCI bridges may alter the actual bus assignment numberFive total expansion PCIe 3.0 slots. One PCIe 3.0 x16 (x16 speed); Two PCIe 3.0 x 8 (x8 speed); Two PCIe 3.0 x 4 (x4 speed)
System fans (One of the following depending on model)ModelNon-redundantRedundant1P model2 fansN/A
InterfacesVideo1 (Rear)Network RJ-45 (Ethernet)2HP iLO remote management network port1 GbE optional portMicro SD slot1 (Internal)USB 3.05 (2 Rear, 1 internal, 2 front)USB 2.03 (2 Rear, 1 internal)
Upgradeability (One of the following depending on model)Up to 16 SFF hard drive bays, Or 8 LFF hard drive baysUp to 8 DIMM slotsRedundant power supplyOptional optical drive (Up to 1)
Industry standard complianceACPI 2.0b compliantPCIe 3.0 compliantPXE supportWOL supportNovell certifiedMicrosoft logo certificationsIPMI 2.0, SMASH CLP, DCMI 1.0 compliantSMBIOS 2.7.1USB 3.0 supportASHRAE A3
Graphics16 bit color: Maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200Integrated matrox G200 video standard32bit color: maximum resolution of 1280 x 102416MB flash128MB DDR3
SecurityPower-on passwordSetup passwordSerial interface controlPower switch securityAdministrator’s passwordTPM 1.2TPM 2.0UEFI
Form factorTower (4.5 U)
Server utilitiesSmart updateHPE Systems Insight Manager(HPE SIM)Scripting toolkit and windows Power ShellRESTful interface toolHPE iLO mobile applicationHPE Insight online
Embedded managementHPE Integrated Lights-Out (HPE iLO)UEFIRESTful APIIntelligent provisioningEmbedded remote support
Server managementHPE Insight Control, lets user deploy, migrate, monitor, remote control, and optimize users IT infrastructure through a single, simple management console. For more information
Education servicesKeep users IT staff trained making sure they have the right skills to deliver on users business outcomes
Support servicesHPE Technology Services delivers confidence, reduces risk and helps users realize agility and stability. Connect to Hewlett Packard Enterprise to help prevent problems and solve issues faster HPE Support Services enable user to choose the right service level, length of coverage and response time as user purchase users new server, giving user full entitlement to the support for need for users IT and business

Software overview

Operating systems and virtualization software supportMicrosoft Windows Server
Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)
Linux Enterprise Server (SLES)
Storage softwareWhether user need to solve a specific data protection, archiving, or storage command and control challenge, or deliver on strategic consolidation, compliance, or continuity initiatives, look no further than Hewlett Packard Enterprise storage software Data Protection and Recovery Software Data Archive and Migration Software Storage Resource Management Software (SRM)Data Replication Software Storage Device Management Software HPE Store Virtual VSA