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Ruckus Zone Director

Zone Director


IT staff love cool networking features but not if it requires two-years of tedious training and massive manuals.

Our Ruckus Smart/OS software and applications is just that: smart. It delivers a bunch of wireless LAN features not found in any other centrally-managed system. And we don’t nickel and dime you for them. Capabilities like:

Adaptive wireless meshing
Sophisticated user access controls
Automatic traffic redirection
Integrated Wi-Fi client performance tools
Elegant and simple guest networking functions
Rogue AP detection and advanced Wi-Fi security features
Flexible WLAN groups
Extensive authentication support
Robust network management
And it gets better.

Ruckus Smart/OS is widely-considered the most simple and straight forward centralized WLAN software system there is. Ruckus Smart/OS runs on all our ZoneDirector Smart WLAN controllers and uses a highly-intuitive Web user interface to make configuration and administration of the entire WLAN a breeze.

ZoneDirector 5000
The most affordable and scalable high-end Smart WLAN controller in its class

ZoneDirector 3000
An elegant, yet powerful family of Smart WLAN controllers for medium to large enterprises that scale from 25 to 500 access points

ZoneDirector 1100 Smart WLAN controllers that scale from 6 to 50 access points.

Simple and straight forward centralized WLAN software system included on all our ZoneDirector Smart WLAN controllers


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