Rental: HPE ProLiant BL920s Server Blade

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TieDot Technologies Rental and leasing options for companies that needs to fill short-term demands or to meet the immediate needs of technology with limited capital. TieDot Technologies HPE ProLiant BL920s Blade Server rental lease is subject to the same rigorous testing and high standards as the pre-owned, refurbished equipment.

HPE ProLiant BL920s Server Blade

HPE ProLiant BL920s Server Blade provide service for HPE Superdome X server. BL920s has the following specifications:
1. Includes two Intel E7 v4 or E7 v3 processors. The included processors depends on which blade model is purchased.
2. 48 DIMMs slots for DDR4 memory (Gen9) or DDR3 memory (Gen8)
3. 3 Mezzanine slots (1 x8, 2 x16) PCIe gen3
4. 2 FlexLOM slots
5. The XNC2 chipset to enable smooth, high-performance scalability from 2 to 16 sockets in addition to mission-critical class RAS features.